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Scuderia Mugshots: Intro

There have been two catalysts prompting me to compose a series of updates on my own collection of crappy old cars:

Firstly changes to my insurance necessitated that I take mugshots of certain members of the Scuderia. “A photo of all four sides of the car” is what they need. Not so easy on a non-functioning car parked hard up against a wall…..

Second is a move to a new “clubhouse” – that is to say, moving out of the Salida warehouse, and moving into a place near Lodi with lower rent, more car storage but no office or toilet. Given most of the future-inhabitants of the clubhouse aren’t able to move under their own power, this is something of a military operation.

I moved out of Salida last month, but have yet to move into the new place. Some cars are in temporary storage facilities around Salida, while others are in San Francisco where I live; some are garaged here, and my neighbours hate me since three of my bangers are street parked as I look out of the window now.

I got some of my usual low quality film of progress so far –