The Sublime and the Ridiculous

Camaro Jump Starting Z8 cr

Blackhawk Museum Plaza, “Docent’s Favorite Ride”

What is going on here ?

Yes, that will be the Summers ’71 Camaro, disfiguring the Blackhawk’s attractive plaza, nose to nose with what I am told was a “Roundel” magazine cover car, that German Cobra, the BMW Z8.

I remember when BMW bought Rover, reading that BMW Chair, Bernd Pischetrieder owned and loved British sportscars. This Z8’s owner pointed out to me the door handle and the crease leading down the car’s flank are – “…pure Austin-Healey 3000…..”. He also told me how the Z8 was birthed as an idea: one day some board members were standing around a BMW 507 after dinner, and began to discuss the answer to the question “What would a modern 507 look like ?”BMW 507

You might also remember Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond trying to blow up Evil Russian Mafia Boss Robbie Coltrane with his black Z8 – I seem to remember not with too much success, but at least his Z8 would start, unlike the one in my picture.

As the plaza emptied after the event, the Z8’s owner approached me – perhaps he had seen the jumper cables always kept in the Camaro in case it should tire it’s undersized battery – an annoyingly frequent occurrance – “…perhaps able to help….the Z8…not used much….flat battery…”

So this picture shows the Illustrious Bavarian Sausage Eater, laden with UberTech, being jump-started by the beater Camaro which was probably only running on 7 cylinders 😉

Thanks to Matt Garcia, Yamaha R6 rider and Museum Security Guard who thought to capture the moment.