The Ultimate Muscle Cars part 2 – Grand National cars at Infineon May 09

NASCAR was born on short dirt tracks but by the late sixties it was evolving into something altogether different; “bigger” and “faster” barely covers it. At Talladega, the new banked Super Speedway in rural Alabama, the average lap speed was 200mph. Teams and drivers were at bleeding edge of aerodynamics technology – the blue #17 Ford Torino Talladega sports the “fastback” roofline, which smoothed air flow over the car, giving the car a higher top speed.

The terrific thing about the Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival is that the paddock is quiet and it is easy to get touching close to some very historic cars. To see the cars alone would be worth coming for, but for them to run on the track, in anger, was something very special – pictures simply do not do justice to the noise….

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