Jon Summers Lectures at Stanford; Viral Fame; New Car Reviews

I am not usually one to blow my own trumpet too loudly, but recently being asked to lecture on Stanford’s “Cars, Past, Present and Future” course was extremely flattering. The topic I chose was the 1955 Mille Miglia, and Motor Sport magazine’s reports on Moss, Jenkinson and Mercedes-Benz prepararing for and then winning the race. I was also asked to include something personal to me – the second half of the presentation is something of my own manifesto. The last time I looked it more than 2000 people had watched – by the power of youtube, and despite what my wife described as an “old man powerpoint”, my message is being heard !

I particularly enjoyed these other lectures from the course:
Fred Turner “What Will a Cultural History of Cars Look Like?”
Cliff Nass “The Future of Automobiles”

On the subject of going viral, the Ferrari Mille Miglia blooper has now got more than 9 million hits, thanks to being included in this compilation – I am there at 3.48. I think this is 3 seconds of anonymous fame with the back of my head facing the camera 😉

I write for an Autoblog too; I try to be objective, and review the new cars I encounter fairly, however I am sure you will spot the Summers tone slipping through in a few paragraphs: